Here's what some of our customers have said:

"Our stores are now using the Blocking Wand and many of our people really enjoy working with it. It is saving us countless hours in labor dedicated to blocking, which enables us to sharpen our focus on customer service while saving overall labor dollars too."
Carole F. Bitter, Ph. D., President and CEO, Friedmanʼs Fresh Markets -Butler PA

"My staff really loves the Blocking Wand, they use it every day. It's a great product and I would recommend that other stores try it." 
Elliot Christensen, Owner/Operator, Elden's Food Fair -Alexandria, MN

"We have lots of small merchandise in our stores that the Blocking Wand works really well with it. Itʼs easy to learn, helpful to work with, and definitely is a time-saver to our Team Members facing shelves." 
Allison Janda, Vice President of Retail Store Operations, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy -Boulder, CO

"I saw the Blocking Wand as a great opportunity to improve our blocking and facing, so I insisted that everybody begin using it. There wasnʼt much resistance; in fact once our people had some practice with it they really began to like it. Sections that were always difficult to contend with, such as yogurt, baby food, and jello are now much easier to deal with. The Blocking Wand delivers nice straight lines and you donʼt waste time unloading the shelf to properly face it."
Kevin Hansen, Owner, Davenport Family Foods -Davenport, WA

"Using the Blocking Wand, our HBC merchandisers are saving over an hour per week and that is saving the company significant dollars every week. And itʼs keeping the HBC departments in pristine condition. Weʼre looking to use the new training VMS to expand Blocking Wand use to the grocery and dairy departments." 
Dave McKelvey, Director of Marketing and Category Management, Grocers Supply - Houston, TX

"Our night crew has been using these for a while now. Itʼs allowed them to do a much more thorough job in the same amount of time. You can really see the difference throughout the sales day. The shelves donʼt look wiped out as quite as fast as when we only blocked the first two items. That has to be saving us sales!"
Mark Shaffer, Manager, Khunʼs Market -Wilkins Township, PA

"The Blocking Wand is GREAT! I absolutely love working with it and the employees are enjoying using it too. Customers have commented on how neat and organized our shelves look lately." 
Lori Luitgaarden, Wexford Ace Hardware -Wexford, PA

"The blocking wand is very easy to use and increased our blocking standard from 2 forward to 5-6 forward. The increase in productivity makes the blocking wand well worth the money." 
Joe Marano, Store Manager, Cermak Fresh Market -Aurora, IL

"I really like using the Blocking Wand, especially in the spices. It is important to keep those well organized and a fully rotated. I also find it very useful on smaller boxed merchandise like jello, rice mixes, and couscous. Itʼs like anything –you need to get your system down, but once you do, it is a much more efficient and comfortable way to get the job done."
Gary Muska, General Manager, Foodland -Mars, PA

"Using the Blocking Wand saves a lot of time, greatly increases productivity, and is easy to learn. The night crew likes using it." 
Bud Kennedy, General Manager, Green Hills Farms -Syracuse, NY

"Very simple and convenient to work with. I use it daily in the spray paints and caulking section, and in our cold drinks merchandiser." 
Kat M., Millerʼs Hardware -Mt. Oliver, PA